Our Industries and Events

We focus on the following Three industries:

  • Medical Device & Health
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Clean and Environmental Technology

Upcoming events:

2018 U.S. China Technology Investment Marketplace 


Venue: Suzhou, China

Dates: October 15th - October 19, 2018 


    U.S. China Technology Investment Marketplace event was first held on Oct. 30 thru Nov. 1st , 2017, and its mission is to bring U.S. innovative technology to China for Chinese investment and market opportunities. To achieve such, we have partnered with Washington DC ArchAngels and Chicago ArchAngels, where we successfully focused on three industries including Medical Device and Health, Clean Tech, and Advanced Manufacturing. As a continuation, this year, we will maintain our focus on these three industries, and we expect it to be even more successful than 2017.


2018 Suzhou International Overseas Venture Week, EcoKMC China Accelerator Investment Forum


Venue: Suzhou, China

Dates: July 9th– 13th, 2018

Suzhou International Overseas Venture Week is one of the three top overseas talent attraction event in China. This year, Wuzhong Economic Development Park has chosen EcoKMC to host its section, where EcoKMC will take the opportunity to present its incoming China Accelerator portfolio companies to Suzhou investment community.


2017 U.S. China Technology Investment Marketplace


Venue: East Taihu Hightech & Finance Town, Suzhou, China

Dates: October 30 – November 1, 2017