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EcoKMC – An introduction

EcoKMC Global Technology Collaboration & Transfer Center (GTCTC) is located in East Taihu Hi-Tech Finance Town (ETHTFT) of Wuzhong District in Suzhou, China. It is established by EcoKMC LLC under the support of the Administration Bureau of ETHTFT. 

 EcoKMC LLC is a management consulting, financial advisory, and clean tech product and systems integrator. Its mission is to promote and integrate U.S. technology and solutions into China’s ever-growing urbanization market by providing them with Chinese investment, manufacturing resources and, most importantly, Chinese market opportunities. This mission is collaborated through its wholly owned Chinese entity EcoKMC (Suzhou) Business Consulting Co., Ltd. With offices in Los Angeles and Suzhou, on the one side, EcoKMC works closely with Suzhou government, Chinese investment communities, and industries associations to built an eco-system for its China Accelerator; on the other side, EcoKMC has been successfully promoting products, technology, and solutions in China through a tightly managed nationwide distributor channel. In addition, EcoKMC has worked very closely with Chinese national government agencies like MoHURD (Ministry of Housing Urban Rural Development), CABR (China Academy of Building Research Institute) and other prominent universities and institutes to influence industry codes and standards, which would enable the application of these products and technologies.

The firm ensures success by overseeing total market development: 

  • We guard the intellectual property(“IP”)of our partners’ products and technologies by way of our legal resources, our industry connections, and U.S. China IP protection initiatives; 
  • We remove entry barriers by working closely with Ministry of Housing Urban Rural Development(“MoHURD”), China Academy of Building Research Institute(“CABR”), China Green Building Council (“CGBC”) and other prominent universities and institutes in order to influence industry codes and standards; 
  • We specify products into high-value projects via regularly organizing architectural seminars throughout China with our regional and industrial distributors;
  • We train our distributors by frequently and regularly holding “EcoKMC College” training programs; 
  • We provide customers 24/7 services via our staff and our distributors’ technical staff; 
  • We look after our distribution channel’s health by providing them free management consulting service.


EcoKMC has successfully integrated several U.S. and European products and processes into Chinese Market. 

EcoKMC is an ideal partner to assist Innovative technologies to receive growth fund and participate in China’s ever growing urbanization market.