EcoKMC LLC is a California company dedicated to introducing the most innovative U.S. and European products and technology in green building, Eco-City, environmental and clean technology, and building energy conservation industries Our mission is to promote and integrate them into China’s ever growing urbanization market.

This mission is carried out by EcoKMC LLC with its sister entity, EcoKMC (Beijing) New Material Co., Ltd. and through offices in Los Angeles, Beijing and Shanghai. The company’s core competency is in sales, marketing, and business development with primary focus on China’s Urbanization market.

The firm not only distributes products in China; it ensures success by overseeing total market development:

  • We guard the intellectual property(“IP”) of our partners’ products and technologies by way of our legal resources, our industry connections, and U.S. China IP protection initiatives;
  • We remove entry barriers by working closely with Ministry of Housing Urban Rural Development(“MoHURD”), China Academy of Building Research Institute(“CABR”), China Green Building Council (“CGBC”) and other prominent universities and institutes in order to influence industry codes and standards;
  • We specify products into high-value projects via regularly organizing architectural seminars throughout China with our regional and industrial distributors;
  • We train our distributors by frequently and regularly holding “EcoKMC College” training programs;
  • We provide customers 24/7 services via our staff and our distributors’ technical staff;
  • We look after our distribution channel’s health by providing them free management consulting service.

EcoKMC has successfully integrated several U.S. and European products and processes into Chinese Market. Successful cases include the introduction of a California company’s Green Concrete coating and additive product to China market in Sept. 2013. We obtained all the tests and certificates for the product to be marketed and used in China market. Successful insertions of the product include many prominent projects like Shenzhen PingAn IFC (one of the tallest building in Asia), infrastructure projects such as railroad tunnels in Hebei province and Shanxi province. Currently, we are providing a European decentralized waste water treatment solution to 1,400 villages in Jiangsu province.

EcoKMC is an ideal partner to assist American and European companies’ participation in China’s ever growing urbanization market.